Wink Magazine: A Masterpiece of Art Marketing with Double Dare Management

Discover how Wink Magazine, a vibrant pop art publication, achieved global success through its strategic partnership with Double Dare Management. Learn how innovative marketing strategies and a creative launch campaign propelled Wink Magazine to new heights, establishing it as a major player in pop culture.

1/27/20192 min read

Wink Magazine, a dynamic publication that celebrates the vibrant and colorful world of pop culture, has made an indelible mark on the global stage. This phenomenal success story is largely due to its strategic partnership with Double Dare Management, a renowned marketing agency known for its data-driven approach and innovative strategies.

The Launch of Wink Magazine

In 2019, Wink Magazine's inaugural issue was successfully launched worldwide, thanks to the expertise of Double Dare Management. The agency’s profound understanding of market research and innovative marketing techniques was instrumental in identifying and connecting with Wink Magazine's target audience.

Double Dare Management coordinated with various global distribution channels to ensure the magazine was readily available to readers around the world. Post-launch, the agency diligently monitored market responses and fine-tuned their strategies to sustain the magazine's visibility and popularity.

Strategic Marketing Approach

Double Dare Management's primary goal was to boost sales and develop a sophisticated retargeting audience for Wink Magazine's debut issue. Their comprehensive marketing strategy was deeply rooted in understanding the magazine's target market.

The agency conducted an extensive competitor analysis to craft a robust and effective strategy. The campaign spanned multiple platforms, with regular A/B testing to optimize message resonance. Key themes like sustainability and the importance of buying local were woven into the campaign to appeal to the target audience.

Impressive Results

The results of the campaign were impressive. Over 5,000 copies of Wink Magazine were sold in the first week, with distribution reaching more than 15 countries. The campaign also led to a remarkable 300% increase in online store sessions, a 250% increase in total orders, and a 20% increase in the average online order value.

Email marketing efforts were equally successful, achieving an average open rate of 30%, significantly above the industry average of 19%.

Significant Impact

The launch of Wink Magazine, driven by Double Dare Management, exceeded all expectations, resulting in significant sales increases and global recognition. This success not only validated Double Dare's innovative marketing approach but also reinforced their industry reputation.

The success of Wink Magazine's launch showcased Double Dare's commitment to their clients and their ability to drive growth and success. The agency also gained valuable consumer insights that will shape their future strategies.


The global launch of Wink Magazine stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and innovative marketing. With Double Dare Management at the helm, Wink Magazine has firmly established itself as a major player in the world of pop culture. This success story highlights the importance of combining market research, innovative strategies, and a deep understanding of the target audience to achieve outstanding results.



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